Project Overview: Cebelnjaki

“Cebelnjaki” stands at the intersection of innovation and tradition, bringing portable beehouses to the Slovenian market. In order to present these unique offerings in a way that captures the essence of the product, a bespoke website was created. With a keen focus on design, user experience (UX), brand identity, and conversion optimization, the Cebelnjaki website serves as a dynamic digital storefront that is not only visually appealing but also highly effective in engaging and converting visitors.

Project Features

  • Custom Design & UX: The website’s design is custom-made, embodying the uniqueness of the portable beehouses. The intuitive UX ensures an engaging and seamless journey for the visitors.
  • Logo Design: A distinctive logo was created to establish a strong visual identity for the brand, encapsulating the essence of Cebelnjaki.
  • Professional Copywriting: The content on the website has been thoughtfully penned to effectively communicate the value and uniqueness of the portable beehouses, making it appealing and easy-to-understand for the visitors.
  • Conversion Rate Strategies: Various strategies were implemented to improve conversion rates, ensuring that the website does not just attract visitors, but also effectively turns them into customers.
  • SEO: The website is optimized for search engines, ensuring maximum visibility and higher organic reach.

Design Philosophy

The design philosophy of the “Cebelnjaki” website was guided by the goal to reflect the innovative yet nature-oriented character of the brand. Using a blend of modern design elements with natural motifs and a warm color palette, the website offers an inviting and user-friendly environment that effectively showcases the unique portable beehouses.

Conversion Rate Strategies

To ensure the website’s effectiveness in converting visitors into customers, various conversion rate optimization strategies were employed. These include creating engaging calls-to-action, making navigation intuitive, and providing detailed information about the beehouses. By focusing on visitor engagement and providing value, the website encourages potential customers to take the next step in their buyer’s journey.


With a focus on expanding the reach of Cebelnjaki’s unique offerings, the website was designed with SEO best practices in mind. By optimizing the website for relevant keywords and ensuring a seamless user experience, it ranks well in search engine results, attracting more organic traffic and reaching a wider audience.


The “Cebelnjaki” website represents a perfect harmony of design, user experience, and strategic implementation. With its custom design, unique logo, engaging content, and focus on conversion optimization and SEO, the website stands as a robust digital platform for Cebelnjaki’s innovative portable beehouses. It not only presents the product effectively to the Slovenian market but also successfully engages and converts visitors, thereby contributing to the brand’s growth.